US State Dept Counselor Chollet urges BiH leaders to advance crucial reforms

NEWS 28.04.2021 15:11
Source: Department of State

US State Department Counselor, Derek Chollet, urged Bosnia’s political leaders to discuss the countries progress on necessary reforms, stressing that "good faith dialogue" is what strengths people’s confidence in their government and not “inflammatory rhetoric and maximalist demands.”

Chollet reaffirmed the recent message of US State Secretary Anthony J. Blinken, who urged Bosnia’s three Presidency members in a letter to get engaged in the implementation of “limited constitutional change that is necessary to reform the electoral system consistent with the requirements of the European Union membership and the rulings of the European Courts.”


Chollet called on BiH leaders to discuss BiH’s progress on “key reforms necessary for greater prosperity, transparent institutions, freer and fairer elections, stronger rule of law, and deeper partnership with Euro-Atlantic institutions.”

“BiH has a crucial window in this non-election year to carry out electoral reforms including limited constitutional reform to implement European Court of Human Rights rulings, election law changes to address BiH Constitutional Court judgements, and technical reforms to strengthen election integrity. These reforms are not just about implementing legally binding court judgements to ensure greater equality, but also about mitigating fraud, and ensuring citizens can hold their leaders accountable for corruption and mismanagement – all crucial safeguards for building a stronger democracy,” his statement said.

“The United States expects BiH leaders to deliver on their commitments to advance crucial reforms. Good faith dialogue, not inflammatory rhetoric and maximalist demands, will be what improves services, brings jobs, and strengthens the people of BiH’s confidence in their government,” it concluded.


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