USK police relocates some 200 migrants from streets of Bihac to Lipa camp

NEWS 24.02.2021 13:38
Source: Fena

The Una-Sana Canton (USK) police carried out a migrant and refugee relocation operation from abandoned buildings in the north-west Bosnian city of Bihac to the Lipa migrant camp, Fena news agency reported.

“With the arrival of better weather conditions, there are more and more migrants and refugees on the streets of Bihac, which means a significant increase in the volume of work for police officers. This morning, we carried out an operation of relocating over 200 individuals from the building of the former Krajinametal company and the unfinished building of the Retirement Home to the Lipa camp near Bihac. This was done with the aim of ensuring more adequate living conditions for these people, and everything went without any problems,” the USK Police spokesperson Ale Siljdedic said.

The operation was carried out in coordination with the Service for Foreigners Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and with the help of members of the humanitarian organization “SOS” Bihac.

All individuals will be accommodated in the camp Lipa, where food, clothes and shoes, living conditions in heated areas, medical care, as well as areas for personal hygiene are provided, police said.



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