Villages in central Bosnia under water again

NEWS 03.12.2021 10:01
Source: N1

Rivers Fojnica and Lepenica have flooded several villages near the town of Kiseljak, in central Bosnia, on Friday causing a complete traffic stop in the municipality of Jehovac, Central Bosnia Canton’s Civil Protection Service told N1.

“Rivers Fojnica and Lepenica have overflow [flooding the local villages] and on the road Kiseljak-Busovaca in Jehovac there was an overflow of water on the road and traffic for passenger vehicles was suspended,” said the on-duty operative from the Civil Protection Service.
Water has also covered the Kiseljak-Kresevo road, but the traffic is still unhindered. Civip Protection Service is in the field, the operative said.
Two days ago, Nova BH TV meteorologist Nedim Sladic warned of intensive precipitation, warning of local flash floods.


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