Vladimir Milov: Western Balkans is Russia's next potential goal

NEWS 09.04.2022 12:25
Source: N1

Vladimir Milov, Russia's former Deputy Minister of Economy, today an adviser to Alexei Navalny, said in an interview with N1 that Vladimir Putin is not done yet but that all parts of Russian society should be encouraged to further weaken him. Milov, who is well acquainted with the Russian regime, also analysed the relations between Moscow and the Western Balkan region, especially with Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority entity, where, as he said, Milorad Dodik does as ordered by his "Moscow boss."

Asked if he expects Putin would try to make a step further and either attack or destabilise the countries such as Finland or Sweden, or even the region of the Western Balkans, Milov replied that we are still not at that stage and that the expectations are still high from the battlefields within Ukraine.

He also noted that the Russian army suffered significant losses over the past six weeks and that we are yet to see more offensives in the eastern Ukraine, while Putin will try to regain momentum. According to him, the losses will increase, which means that the Russian army will not be in a position to attack anyone anytime soon.

“However, there is always a risk, because in the past few weeks we clearly saw that there are no limits to Putin's desire to expand his influence,” Milov said, adding that the Russian president could go for anything and use any tools.

He noted that there are many agents of Putin's influence, he is still in possession of a lot of money and his network of malign interest is extremely wide.

As for the rhetoric coming from certain Russian officials through media controlled by Putin and its influence not only on Russia but other countries and regions such as Western Balkans, where presence of some of those media outlets is still active, Milov among other things said that we should all be aware of who are we dealing with.

“And yes, they also consider the Western Balkans, I'd say, the next potential goal. They do have major influence there in Serbia, in Montenegro, unfortunately in Bosnia as well. You'll remember when the leader of Republika Srpska Dodik (Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, who is elected by votes in the Serb-majority region Republika Srspka) went to Putin to meet him in December,” said Milov, noting that Dodik made a lot of destabilising statements upon his return, clearly having approval of his “Moscow boss” for what he is doing.

Watch the full interview in the video below:


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