Water levels dropped across Bosnia but many areas remain flooded (PHOTO)

NEWS 07.11.2021 18:46
Source: N1

Water levels across Bosnia and Herzegovina have dropped following the severe floods that hit the country on Friday and caused immense damage, but locals fear the possibility of new floods as more rain is expected in the coming days.

A lot of areas in BiH remain flooded even two days after the heavy rain caused rivers and creeks to swell and burst their banks.


Among the areas affected was the municipality of Trnovo, with the mayor, Dragomir Gagovic, saying that such material damage “is not remembered in the last hundred years.”

“Yesterday we had the evacuation of residents in Kijevo, among them was a small child. We have no water. We will supply water to cisterns “, said Gagović at the press conference on Saturday.

Many communities were cut off during the floods and rescuers across the country worked around the clock to reach those left trapped in their homes.

Such was the case in the village of Hotovlje, where they managed to reach and evacuate an elderly person on Saturday and provide basic supplies, including medicine, to the local population.

Many homes, as well as businesses and farms, were completely destroyed across the country, and many roads remain blocked.

Although the water levels have significantly dropped, fear remains among locals as they are not sure how well prepared their communities are to face similar disasters in the future.

Locals in Strasanj, Zivinice, where many homes remain flooded, told N1 that they fear more rainfall because “the same problem happens every year and nobody is doing anything about it.”


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