Web-shop promoting hate wartime message goes offline after Twitter reactions

Source: 011shop.rs

Sale of T-shirts with controversial slogans resembling those from the 1990s war in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the '011 SHOP' registered as 'Serbian trade mark' sparked a series of reactions on social networks, demanding the arrests of those who promoted the clothes. Eventually, the web-shop has gone offline.

T-shirts with slogan ‘Noz, Zica’ resembling the war-time hate slogan ‘Noz, zica Srebrenica’ (Knife, Barbed wire, Srebrenica) are sold with “bonus item” – a “high-quality cotton hoodie,” the website said before going offline.


“Have the ones selling the trash ‘Noz, zica Srebrenica’ been arrested and why not @anabrnabic?,” Twitter user Ivan V. Krstic asked Serbian Prime Minister.

“There's a sale on in Belgrade. They're selling genocide,” Emir Suljagic tweeted, referring to the eastern Bosnian town Srebrenica that the controversial slogan is linked to.


The webshop apologised on Friday, saying it was not their intention to “promote any type of hatred or hostility against anyone.”

“The message of the item in question had a completely different goal from the one that foreign, local media or social networks presented,” the webshop administrators said, adding that the item was not on the sale anymore.

Market inspectors banned the Belgrade-based ‘011 Shop’ the trade and promotion of all items containing the ‘Noz, zica’ slogans, which unambiguously incite religious and national hatred, the State Secretary in Serbia's Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Ministry Uros Kandic told Serbian media on Friday.



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