What to expect from the new German Chancellor


The new German government has recently taken office and its first moves are already visible, especially in the field of foreign policy through the work of the new Foreign Minister Annalene Baerbock. Henning Hoff, executive editor of the Internationale Politik Quarterly and an expert at the German Foreign Affairs Council, spoke to N1 about the new government, moves towards the Balkans in the light of how Angela Merkel led Germany.

For the last four years, Olaf Scholz was a very powerful or perhaps the most powerful person of the Social Democrats and the government, Hoff said for N1 adding that he was the Minister of Finance and was very important in the creation of this European Recovery Fund, which is being financed for the first time by debt criminalization.

Speaking about the differences between the two chancellors, he said that one big difference is that Merkel always tried to be very focused trying to see where the compromise is, how to keep Europe together, how to make everyone happy?
Hoff believes Scholz is more inclined to name things by their real name.

In the video, Henning Hoff talks about the Nord Stream 2 project, relations within the European Union and how Scholz will deal with other European leaders.


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