Wildfire in Trebinje area threatening homes (VIDEO)

NEWS 08.08.2022 12:44

Helicopters of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs have arrived in Trebinje area, the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to help the local fire brigades put out the wildfire that is now threatening homes in nearby villages.

According to chief of the voluntary fire brigade Milos Vucurevic, the helicopters are preparing to start extinguishing the fire in the Bijele gore area, with the blaze coming close to the village of Vucja.

He said that the situation is serious around the villages of Donji Skocigrm and Donja Bara.

“The fire is some 300 metres away from houses, firefighters are there a, we expect to put the situation under control with the assistance of the helicopters,” he stressed.

Helicopter Service of Republika Srpska, one of two Bosnia's semi-autonomous regions, has been engaged in extinguishing of fire in the Bijela gora area.

According to the RTRS public broadcaster, the water for the helicopters is provided through pools installed along the river Susica.

The situation was assessed as very serious as the fire line is stretched along 20 kilometres.



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