Wildfire now threatens homes in BiH municipality of Jablanica

NEWS 16.08.2021 09:46
Source: Jablanica (N1)

The wildfire in the area of the Bosnian town of Jablanica that has been active for several days has spread throughout the night between Sunday and Monday and is not threatening homes in the Donja Jablanica neighbourhood.

Firefighters are having a hard time putting the blaze under control due to the inaccessible terrain as they face the danger of a landslide on the steep cliffs.


The fire began to spread down a steep slope from the Plase plateau in the direction of the Neretva canyon.

It also spread to the wider area of the City of Mostar and continued to descend in the direction of Diva Grabovica.

Firefighters managed to stop it from spreading deep into the forest complex which is home to an endemic species of pine tree, the munika.

Another fire is active in the area of the town of Stolac, further south, where firefighters are facing the same difficulties due to the inaccessible terrain, but also because of a local minefield.

The local civil protection authority said that some 30 land mine explosions have been registered so far.

Jablanica mayor, Damir Sabanovic, has last week filed a criminal complaint against the Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Milorad Dodik, for obstructing the decision-making process that would enable helicopters of the BiH Armed Forces to be used to extinguish the wildfire.


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