Wildfires still raging in southern BiH (PHOTO)

NEWS 17.08.2021 11:15
Source: Civilna zaštita Jablanica

The wildfire in the area of Jablanica in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina is still active and spreading towards homes in the settlements of Donja Jablanica and Komadinovo, the spokesperson of the Civil Protection in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, Majda Kovac, confirmed.

The fire in Komadinovo Vrelo fire was somewhat under control throughout the night due to the drop in air temperature, but as the day goes on and temperatures increase, so does the blaze, she explained.


Another wildfire in the area of Stolac, near the settlements of Derani and Stupiste, is also still active.

“The fire does not threaten these populated places, but it is on inaccessible terrain where there is a risk of landmines,” Kovac said, adding that firefighters and local residents are on the scene trying to put out the fire.

The wildfire in Kvanj in the area of Mostar has spread on Monday in the direction of Stolac as well, she said.


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