Works ongoing to make Lipa camp in Bosnia suitable for accommodating migrants

NEWS 08.01.2021 13:45
Source: N1

It is snowing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the works at the northwestern camp Lipa, where hundreds of migrants have been stranded for more than two weeks, are ongoing to make it a suitable location for accommodating them in light of the extreme weather conditions.

The migrants found shelter from the cold in the containers and makeshift nylon tents at the camp.

The twenty tents the BiH Armed Forces brought to the camp for accommodating 900 migrants are being winterised and beds are being set up. Works on providing electricity and running water are also ongoing.


Hundreds of migrants were left without shelter after the Lipa camp was shut down on December 23. The IOM pulled out of the camp because the migrants staying there had no access to electricity, running water or sewage. The camp also did not provide shelter from the extreme weather conditions in the winter.

The Council of Ministers adopted a decision last month to turn the improvised tent camp into an official one that would provide adequate shelter and basic necessities to the migrants.

The migrants were supposed to be relocated until the works are completed but any attempt to do so failed due to resistance from local communities.


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