Writer: Some would see Bosniaks and Montenegrins as Palestinians and Kurds

Source: N1

If those advocating for new divisions in the Western Balkans were to succeed, it would turn Bosniaks and Montenegrins into new Palestinians and Kurds in the Balkans, Montenegrin columnist and writer Andrej Nikolaidis said Wednesday.

“The very fact that someone in the European Union is thinking about the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina is humiliation and spitting on the victims of war and genocide. It is a complete disaster if someone in the EU advocates for the redrawing of borders in the Balkans,” Nikolaidis said in a live show on Facebook realized by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia, the Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina and the ZFD Forum from Belgrade.

Nikolaidis: Srebrenica genocide was no incident

According to him, such divisions in the Balkans would lead to Bosniaks and Montenegrins being “turned into Palestinians and Kurds.”

“Whoever advocates for such a solution is a political idiot,” Nikolaidis noted and added that the possibility of a more serious engagement of the United States of America in the Western Balkans should not be ruled out.

He pointed out that the Srebrenica genocide was not an incident.

“It ended the same way as it began, for example in Prijedor in 1992. That was a continuity in the crime,” Nikolaidis said.
He also assessed that “the past will never pass” in the former Yugoslavia region.

“The vampire refuses to rest,” Nikolaidis said adding that the only solution is for the Western Balkans countries to join the EU. “Altogether, as they are,” he concluded.


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