WWII-era aeroplane bomb found and neutralised near Mostar

NEWS 02.04.2021 15:56
Source: FUCZ

The Civil Protection Administration in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity removed on Friday a WWII-era aeroplane bomb found in the Rodoc settlement, near the southern city of Mostar, and transported it to another location where it was destroyed.

According to the FBiH Civil Protection Administration, the US-produced AN M64A1 bomb weighs 238 kilograms and did not explode when it was dropped.

Mostar's Jesenice airport was bombed 11 times during WWII, and about 900 tons of bombs were dropped on it. Throughout the last ten years, three 230 kg bombs (M64 A1), three 100 kg bombs (100M) and 16 10 kg bombs (M41A1) have been found in its vicinity.

Source : FUCZ

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