Zenica fans provide free parking for Montenegrins coming to the match with BiH

NEWS 23.09.2022 11:46
Source: Una Selimović

The City of Zenica residents have provided free parking for all Montenegrins who come to the League of Nations match between Bosnia and Montenegro to be played Friday evening at 8.45 p.m.

The two countries continue to build phenomenal friendly relations. After a beautiful welcome of the BiH national team in Podgorica, Zenica returns the hospitality and provides free parking for all Montenegrins who come to Bilino Polje football pitch.

Namely, the company Strong Auto delighted the Bosnian public with the gesture to provide free parking for guests arriving from Montenegro.


“We came here simply to lend a hand to each other. We are simply full of negativity. If they welcomed us so nicely, we should reciprocate and be human. What they did after the burning of a BiH van in Podgorica really won me over and I decided through this little thing to give back at least a little,” said Jasmin Horic, the owner of Strong Auto, adding:

“We have a capacity of between 100 and 150 seats. All guests from Montenegro who come to Zenica today will have parking and a welcome drink from us.”

The owner of the restaurant “Kod Fehre” in Busovaca, Fahrudin Meskovic, also invited the Montenegro fans to come for free roasting.

During the previous match in Montenegro, a fan group Ultra Crna Gora “provoked” BiH fans in Podgorica chanting: “Burek with cheese,” while BiHI fans later retorted on social networks “God willing, employment office called you in for a job offer.”

Bosnians call all pies by the name of their ingredients except for Burek. Burek signifies a pie with potatoes and beef, while all other pies are simply pia with potatoes, pie with cheese or pie with spinach. Even though the word “Burek” comes from the Turkish word “Börek” meaning roughly a pie, in Bosnia the name is solely used for that one type of pie.

As for the Montenegrins, there is an old stereotype of them being lazy and in recent years Montenegrins even organized a competition in who is able to lie in bed the longest, ridiculing the stereotype.

After a van belonging to a BiH citizen was set on fire after the match in Podgorica, and the fans of the Montenegrin national team collected the money for a new vehicle, they apologized and said that it was done by vandals, not real Montenegrins.


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