Zrinjski FC fans send hateful messages during the Mostar derby

NEWS 10.05.2022 21:13
Source: N1

The famous Mostar derby between the Croat Football Club Zrinjski and the Football Club Velez kicked off Tuesday with hateful messages from Zrinjski fans against the Velez fans and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Right before the beginning of the match, Zrinjski fans displayed a flag of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a Nazi-puppet state carved out in 1941 from what had been the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the fanatically nationalist and separatist Ustasa aggressively and ardently murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs and tens of thousands of Jews, as well as many Roma and Croatian anti-fascists between 1941 and 1945.

The Ustasa established a network of concentration camps “infamous for their brutality, and comparable to the barbarity of the German death camps,” he wrote, pointing to the example of Jasenovac, often referred to as the “Auschwitz of the Balkans.”

During the match they sang “No more Velez, nor the Old Bridge, Brought down by Ustashas, Jet’s go Herzeg-Bosna” (“Nema više Veleža, ni Staroga mosta, srušile ga ustaše, ‘ajmo Herceg-Bosna”).

Following the shameful verses, Zrinjski fans attempted to break the police buffer and reach the Velez fans, but the police prevented their assault.


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