Zvizdic welcomes newly appointed Russian ambassador to Bosnia

NEWS 10.06.2021 17:38
Source: FENA

Deputy Speaker of BiH's House of Representatives Denis Zvizdic received the Russian Ambassador to BiH Igor Kalabukhov in his inaugural visit, whom he said it is necessary to continue improving relations between the two countries, especially in the fields of economy, tourism, education and culture.

Zvizidic said that the Russian Federation is one of Bosnia's most important foreign trade partners and one of the major investors in its economy, stressing that there is room for strengthening economic cooperation.

He added that it is necessary to support and encourage ties between business communities, which are important for further expansion of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Kalabukhov pointed out that he would work on improving economic and political cooperation and that he would advocate for good relations between the two countries.

The two agreed that it is necessary to improve the dialogue and enable the exchange of cultural, sports, as well as high-level visits.

During the meeting, Zvizdic wished Kalabukhov a successful diplomatic mandate in Bosnia.


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