Israel, Iran embassies in spat over Bosnia electoral reform

NEWS 10.08.2022 12:40
Source: Pixabay/ Ilustracija

After Israeli Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in Tirana, said it supported the electoral law reform in line with the proposal of the Bosnian Croat parties, which sparked reactions in the country, Israeli Ambassador to Croatia and Iranian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina have joined the discussion.

“The apartheid Zionist regime is not qualified to comment on the political fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Iran Embassy in Sarajevo tweeted on Wednesday, quoting the statement by Bosnian Foreign Minister who sent a demarche diplomatic note to the embassy in Tirana regarding the initial statement.

Israeli Ambassador to Croatia Ilan Mor promptly reacted to the Iran Embassy's tweet questioning their eligibility to comment.

“Is this merdrous and very dangerous Mullha region from Tehran is at all qualified to play any judgment on anything..?,” the ambassador tweeted.

The statement by Israel's non-resident ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Noah Gal Gendler sparked reactions in the country, many of them warning the proposal of electoral reform he supported is deepening the discriminations particularly among the minorities.

Answering to one of the reactions, specifically the one coming from a Mostar-based association of war prisoners, Gal said that the concerns related to misuse of the rights of the Jewish communities.

“We took note of your claims. Our concern relates to the fact that the rights of the Jewish community in the country are being misused to block essential internal processes in BiH. We will not allow this misuse to happen,” the ambassador wrote.


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