Slovenian pm: Support for Palestinians doesn't bring BiH closer to NATO/EU

NEWS 22.05.2021 18:24
Source: Jure Makovec / AFP

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa retweeted the news about the Sarajevo support rally for the people of Palestine, broadcasted by N1 television on Saturday, saying "whoever thinks that this cheering in Sarajevo is bringing Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the European Union and NATO, is living a great illusion!"

Jansa repeatedly condemned the citizens of other countries who sent their support to the Palestinians, over 200 of whom were killed in the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza, which the Israeli side considers “defence against terrorist Hamas attacks.”

The Slovenian Prime Minister is also facing great troubles in his country due to the increasingly frequent protests of citizens accusing him of right-wing denial of civil liberties.

Several hundred Sarajevans and Palestinians held a protest rally in Sarajevo in support of Palestinian peoples, in front of the City Hall.

The rally was attended by the Ambassador of Palestine to BiH Ambassador of Turkey as well as the Ambassador of Iran.

Palestinian Ambassador Rezeqa Namooru said: “Today, Sarajevo, as a European Jerusalem has embraced the Palestinian Jerusalem.”


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